Upgrading Your Equipment 

In today's energy world the decision to upgrade your equipment can be difficult and confusing. At Devaney Energy we are here to help. Our experienced energy advisors can guide you in determining which system is right for you. 

Consider the following if a heating system upgrade is on your mind:

1. How old is my heating equipment?

If you're heating equipment is more than 20 years old, and you are experiencing high energy bills or discomfort, it may be time for an upgrade. Upgrading to energy-efficient heating equipment will save you money and also improve your comfort. 

2. How well have I kept up my heating system?

Inadequate maintenance will mean a shorter life span for the equipment and can lead to premature failure, and prevent your system from running at peak performance. During an annual tune-up, a Devaney Energy service technician can advise you how efficiently and well your system is running.

3. Is my home being heated evenly?

The discomforts of a cold room can be very unpleasant, but they can also mean inefficiencies with your heating equipment. Our energy advisors can determine the appropriate load and efficiency level for your home.

4. Have I remodeled my home recently?

If you've added on to your home recently, or are considering doing so, please give us a call. We can advise as to whether or not upgrading your heating system is recommended.

5. How hot (or not) is my hot water?

Changes in lifestyle, number of people in the house, or problems with the heating elements can affect the quality and comfort of your hot water. A new indirect water heater can give you virtually unlimited hot water all year long, at a very reasonable cost.

If you believe an upgrade is in order or if you're still unsure please give us a call. A Devaney Energy heating advisor will take time to evaluate your current heating system and work with you to meet your needs and budget.

Call us today and schedule a time for an energy consultant to come out and review your options. 

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