Advanced Technical Training

Devaney University

Devaney UniversityAt Devaney Energy we are fully committed to educating and training our technicians and engineering team on all the latest technologies in the energy industry. In order to provide the very best service and the highest quality installations we created our very own in-house classroom - Devaney University.

At Devaney University we hold regular training sessions where we keep our employees up to date on all the latest technology and equipment they will see in the field. Continuous safety training is also an integral part of our operation as we strive to provide our staff with all the tools and knowledge to safely perform their jobs and serve our customers. In an industry that is rapidly changing it is important to stay ahead of the curve and be able to provide customers with safe, excellent service, as well as high quality installations of the latest energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

Devaney University was designed primarily for technical training. However, it is also used for driver training, computer software training, sales training and a variety of other programs.