Diesel & Gasoline

Providing Commercial Fuel For Productivity

We provide fuel to run your commercial building, hotel or hospital generator. We also provide marine fueling for yachts and fishing boats, and on-site fueling of commercial fleets.

  • Generators. You can count on Devaney Energy as your sole supplier of diesel fuel for generators. We offer a high quality product, competitive pricing, dependable diesel delivery service and fast emergency response when you need it most.
  • Fleet Fueling and bulk delivery. We offer on-site delivery to your fleet of vehicles, bulk tank or construction equipment. Our high quality fuels, competitive pricing and dependable diesel and gasoline delivery service will keep your trucking fleets on the move and your construction projects on track.
  • Marine Fueling. Devaney Energy provides a high quality product to ensure the proper operation of all marine vessels. Yachts, tug boats, research vessels, work boats and fishing fleets can depend on Devaney Energy to provide a premium product and prompt service, working around the clock and on your schedule.

Experience The Devaney Difference

Our large fleet of diesel and gasoline delivery trucks are ready when you need it. With quick emergency response time we can minimize the impact a power outage may have on your business. We’ll also help keep your construction project moving forward with on-site fuel delivery. No matter what your commercial fuel need, Devaney Energy is here to help.

We invite you to check out the types of fuel we provide or contact us today.