Natural Gas & Electricity

You Now Have Power Over Your Natural Gas & Electricity Supply

Thanks to deregulation, consumers are now able to choose their own natural gas and electricity supply company. With large utility companies you are subject to volatile market swings. However, with Devaney Energy you have a company who truly cares enough to help you manage costs, budget expenses and provide price stability for both the short and long-term. With over 75 years in the energy business, let Devaney be your commercial energy partner for natural gas and electricity solutions. The process is seamless and includes:

  • An initial consultation. We determine your needs and discuss current market conditions and purchase strategy such as: length of contract, fixed price vs. floating price, risk assessment and billing method.
  • Usage analysis. We look at energy bills, usage, rate class, and price level data to advise the best energy solution.
  •  Pricing. We'll gather and compile multiple pricing options from energy suppliers to review with you.
  •  Secure agreed pricing and paperwork. We work out contracts, change letters and notifications.
  • Provide periodic updates. We will continue to constantly manage your account by updating you on market conditions and future buying opportunities. Plus answer questions or address concerns.

We will be able to assess your personal situation, discuss the options that are available to you and to help you make the right decision in purchasing your electricity. We use various methods to find you the right energy deal for your needs.

Learn more about our process by contacting us today.


Energy Supply Management