Heating Equipment

We're Experts In Turning On The Heat

Devaney Energy has been the residential heating authority for over 75 years. Our home energy advisers are available for a free home energy assessment and estimate on all heating equipment. Whether you use heating oil, propane or natural gas to heat your home, all residential customers are serviced by Devaney Energy trained and licensed technicians.

Heating Options

  • Forced Hot Air. Utilizes centralized ductwork to distribute air that is heated by the blower in the furnace. System can be easily expanded to provide air conditioning, humidification and air filtration throughout the house.
  • Forced Hot Water. Heated water is circulated through finned baseboard element located throughout the home. The transfer of heat occurs through air passing over the finned baseboard elements. Boiler can also be used to create domestic hot water through tankless coils or indirect water heaters.

  • Hydro-Air. Hydro Air heat utilizes hot water from a boiler that is circulated through a hydro air handlers water coil. The air handler circulates air across the hot water coil warming the air and distributing it through centralized ductwork. These systems may contain multiple air handlers for enhanced zoning. Hydro air systems incorporate a number of forms of heat off the boiler, including radiant, forced hot water baseboard and indirect water heaters. You can also add central air conditioning with relative ease. 
  • Radiant heat. An extremely comfortable option to conventional systems, radiant heating involves installation of durable yet flexible under-floor tubing. Warm water is then circulated through the tubing and heat is radiated up through the floor.

High Efficiency Heating Equipment

The Devaney Energy team is licensed and trained to install and service all brands of high efficiency equipment, for all fuel types. Advancements in high efficiency equipment are constantly improving and our team is up to date on all the latest brands and options. In addition, every high efficiency boiler and furnace installation is backed by our 1-year workmanship guarantee.

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